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What is a Segway?

At first we did not know how to call this device.

It's look like a scooter or electro scooter. But segway scooter – is not an electric car.

Segway is very comfortable, fast, extremely easy to use, requires no athletic training, and it has more maneuverability than a cyclist or a pedestrian. He quickly turns around on the spot and gains speed rapidly. It is powered by electricity, it charges with a usual computer cord from any power outlet. It is eco-friendly and noiseless. In general, it is an advanced model of a person, a new stage of evolution:

Segway PT – is man on wheels!

SEGWAY PT – is highly maneuverable two-wheeled device with an electric drive.

Segway will go where any car cannot: inside sales and warehouse complexes, exhibition halls and airport terminals, in elevators, in the bustle of the main streets, narrow alleys in cities, parks and recreation areas, on city sightseeing routes. The total charge two batteries will allow you to overcome to 38 kilometers, depending on the type of cross-country, the user's weight and riding style.

As soon as you set foot on the two-wheeled segway platform five gyroscopic sensors and two accelerometers are beginning to catch the slightest change your position. Segway sensors are faster than the thought of rushing in your head.

It takes just a few minutes to familiarize yourself fully with your Segway and overcome it any distance. The problem is the same: segway addictive. Just go after him seems somehow insufficient, almost insulting. After all, you've already been to the next stage of evolution - man on wheels and nobody wants to return to the category of ordinary two-legged people!

The concept is simple: segway obeys the movements of your body. (Smoothly and without the slightest effort.) You lean forward – segway goes forward, leans back - stops and goes back.You are in an upright position - segways stationary. Children learn all Segway rules in three minutes, adult - in five, because at first they are afraid and children just have a fun.

Technology «LeanSteer».

Leading self balancing system keeps a person in balance on two wheels parallel to the vertical wheel. The technology «LeanSteer» management is conducted on an intuitive level, a shift of the center of gravity of the body. Give the team itself - segway feels them because your body automatically will attach to it. You can gently lean forward or backward, and anticipate your wishes; segways will go in the right direction. Turn the steering wheel to the left or to the right, and segway turns in the right direction.

Engineers at Segway, Inc. call it the principle of dynamic stabilization. Maybe it is magic.

Controller «InfoKey» - everything is under control.

This electronic key. It is - the information center. And also – it is a remote anti-theft system. Each wireless controller «InfoKey» is unique and it is programmed to work only with one particular Segway. Place the controller on the steering wheel in a normal landing spot, put it in your pocket or hang on a cord around neck - a real-time controller «InfoKey» provide you with the information about the level of battery charge, speed, work and capabilities of the system.

Anti-theft system.

Each Segway has a built-in alarm. Just put it in a mode of protection - in the theft case the siren warning, attracting everyone's attention, the platform will start to vibrate, and the wheels are locked. Information about this will be immediately transferred to your controller «InfoKey».

Power supply.

Segway is powered by two lithium-ion batteries that are recharged automatically when you walk down the hill. A full charge takes 8 hours. And if you're on the road and the battery is fully discharged - get regular 100V to 240V outlet and place the segway to charge for at least 15 minutes - enough energy reserve of 1.6 kilometers.

Reliability throughout.

Indicators of balance, located on the panel self-balancing platform, they prompt when it is safe to stand on your segway. Green indicator means that the segway is ready to move. Numerous sensors continuously operate and provide your balance. All the important components of the system are doubled, which means that in case of failure of one of them understudy will take over its function and will continue to work as long as you do not stop. If the system crashes, your segway will give you to know about it with the vibration of a platform or a sound and information on the controller.

Tests and performance tests.

During the development of the company's engineers «Segway, Inc.» conducted numerous tests and trials, so you can get high-quality, durable, reliable and smart machine.